The Temasys WebRTC Platform

Embed Live Video, Voice and More in Any App, on Any Device, at Any Scale.


In-App Communication Made Easy

  • Add video, voice, chat, screen sharing, data transfer and more to any web or mobile app.

  • Users interact in the context of your app. No extra apps or 3rd party plugins to download.

  • No switching to Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, or Webex just to get things done.

  • In-app communications means seamless support for your brand.

Fast and Flexible


  • Developers can quickly add communications features to any application.

  • Create proof-of-concept apps and proof of scale within hours or days, not weeks or months.

  • Easily access, configure and control applications with our REST API.

  • Time to market cost savings built right in!

Secure and Scalable

  • Telco-grade, enterprise-ready infrastructure supports true cloud scale up to (hundreds of) millions of users.

  • Optimized for the cloud: Maximized availability, scalability when you need it, extremely cost-effective.

  • Fully encrypted communication using SSL, by default.

  • Corporate Network Compatible: Get "built-in" support for TURN and STUN protocols; enable the best possible experience for users in tightly controlled corporate networks.

  • Maximum control: Configure video resolution, frame rates, bit rates, for each participant.

  • Dynamic Adaptation: Underlying codecs and Temasys enhancements help dynamically optimize bitrate, frame rate, and other parameters.

Comprehensive and Customizable

  • Pre-built examples, web and mobile white label solutions help you get a head start.

  • Cross-platform feature parity and compatibility across SDKs for WebiOS and Android.

  • Support for many advanced features gives you fine-grained control and wide-ranging device support.

  • Temasys SDKs give you maximum leeway to exercise your creativity in embedding communication features into your app!

Great Support = Customer Success

  • Get started with great documentation, tutorials, code samples and demos.

  • Easily manage your applications and configure features with Temasys's account management console.

  • Track your account and applications' usage with easy-to-use reports.

  • Frequent updates and new releases keep you up to speed with the latest features and fixes.

  • Need more direct support? Our solutions engineers and customer success team are ready to help!

Ready to Go?



  • Offer clear web-based voice calls as an alternative or addition to video.

  • Create a voice-based customer service solution complete with call queuing, holding, forwarding & more.

  • Enable users to detect who is speaking on a multi-party call.

  • Build a click to call capability.


  • Embed live video communications within the context of your website and mobile app.

  • Power 1:1 video calls for customer service, tutoring, expert consultations and more.

  • Enable multi-party calls for team collaboration, virtual classrooms and more.

  • Create talk show formats with hosts, guests and audiences.

Text Chat

  • Add native text chat without third party plugins.

  • Supplement your video and voice communication with text chat capabilities.

  • Offer click to chat functionality.

  • Enable text chats in context.

  • Include text chat windows in virtual meetings or classrooms.


  • Share your screen instantly with anyone.

  • Present designs, slides and documents.

  • Enable co-viewing of media and events.

  • Create virtual classrooms or seminars.

  • Use for interactive e-consultations.

  • Enhance customer support.


  • The Temasys recording API lets you to securely record interactions and save them to an AWS S3 Bucket.

  • Record any real-time interaction.

  • Archive or distribute content.

  • Use content to monitor and audit calls.

Plugin for IE and Safari

  • Maximize compatibility! There are still lots of people who use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Apple Safari.

  • Temasys offers the industry leading plugin for WebRTC on IE and Safari.

  • Integration with your app is simple, and often requires minimal effort.

  • Once enabled, users download the plugin once. It updates automatically, by default.

More Details


Skylink JS

Latest versions of Chrome and Firefox, as well as Internet Explorer 8+ and Safari 7+ (through the Temasys WebRTC plugin), Chrome on Android, Firefox on Android.

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Skylink iOS

iOS 6.0+, iPhone 4S+, iPod Touch 5+, iPad 2+, iPad Mini.

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Skylink Android

Android 4.0+ family of devices: Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Motorola Moto, LG Optimus.

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What is WebRTC?

WebRTC is low-latency, peer-to-peer connectivity for your website and native app. With WebRTC browsers and apps learn to talk to each other instead of just to web servers. They can share audio and video streams from your microphone and camera, exchange files and images or just send and receive simple messages the fastest possible way: peer-to-peer.

The Temasys Platform is the easiest way to use WebRTC.

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Monthly Access FeeFREE $19$199$499
Peak Concurrent Users10302001000
Included App Keys310UnlimitedUnlimited
Reporting and Log File AccessBasic Basic EnhancedEnhanced
Payment Method-Credit Card Credit Card Credit Card
Bandwidth Usage-$0.50/GB$0.50/GB$0.50/GB
- TURN Services
- Media Relay (SFU / MCU)
Recording and Archiving--$0.20/GB$0.20/GB
All Accounts Include
- Access to all SDKs (web, IOS, Android)
- Unlimited P2P Signaling Events

* Our standard pricing is for services geared toward audio & video conferencing. For services that require capacity for high rate messaging, high volume signaling, or large surges of data, please Contact Us.


Professional ServicesBasicStandard PremiumEnterprise
Monthly FeeFREE $1,000$3,000Contact Us
Support ChannelsKnowledge Base, Community & EmailScheduled Calls+ Scheduled Live ChatDedicated Support Contact
Support hours Best EffortsM-F, Singapore business hours 24x5, Global24x7, Global
Critical priority response timesBest Efforts2 business days response 1 business day response 1 hour response
Consulting & Development Services$200 / hr $200 / hr $200 / hr $200 / hr